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Technical Preview Version of SAI2
This is a technical preview version of SAI Ver.2. Please remember this version will includes some bugs and inconveniences because this version is under development. Please do not use this version if you want to use stable version. And, this version requires basic skills for Windows operation. Please never use this version if you have not basic skills for Windows operation.

Minimum Requirement (2000x2000px)
ComputerIBM PC compatible computer
OSWindows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
CPUCore 2 Duo 1.6GHz
MemoryMore than 1GB
HDDMore than 20GB free space
Video1024x768 - 24bit Color
Input DevicePen Tablet (WinTab API and TabletPC API are Supported)

SAI2 64bit - 2017-06-07b Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.5M)
SAI2 32bit - 2017-06-07b Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.3M)


Abstract of Available Features

- Maximum canvas size up to 100000x100000px(64bit version) or 10000x10000px(32bit version).
- Supported file format:
    Load and save: SAI2(The private format of Ver.2) / PSD / PSB / BMP / JPEG / PNG / TGA
    Load only: SAI(Ver.1 format)

*) Load and save functions are locked by software user license. If you have a license of SAI Ver.1, you can remove the lock with your license certificate. Please download NEW license certificate WITH SYSTEM ID OF SAI VER.2, and put it into either of the following folder.
A. My Documents -> SYSTEMAX Software Development -> SAI2 Demo (The folder that is included "settings.ssd")
B. The folder that is included the executable file of SAI2(sai.exe).

- Maximum number of layers up to 8190.
- Supported layer types are Normal, Folder, Linework, Shape and Text.
- Supported layer properties are Blending mode, Opacity, Protections, Clipping group, Moving group, Painting effect, Paper texture, Visibility, and Layer name.
- Multiple selection and operation for layer item.
- Delete, Erase, Fill, Merge.
- Layer mask.

- Invert, Deselect
- Cut and move pixels as floating

- Straight
- Ellipse

- Alternative view.
- Alternative floating view.
- Pan, Zoom, Rotation, Horizontal flip and Reset.

Brush tools
- Pencil, Air brush, Brush, Water color
- Selection pen, Selection eraser

Linework tools
- Pen, Curve, Line, Eraser
- Edit path, Edit pressure, Change color, Change weight

Perspective ruler
- Create perspective rulers as layer objects
- Supported 1 to 3 vanishing points

About Features Request
I will read all emails of features request but I will not be able to reply to all request emails because I am one man team for development and customer support. Thank you for your understanding.
- Koji Komatsu - Programmer, President

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